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My First Movie
Program Designed By: Joan Montreuil

Students can join their creatively-minded peers and bring their story to life. There's nothing quite like the experience of taking an idea, putting it on paper and working with a dedicated crew to turn it into something visual and tangible that can be shared and revisited whenever you'd like. Screen your film for the whole camp at the end of the workshop and experience a hard-earned and very satisfying sense of accomplishment. Summer Program classes are taught by leading industry professionals during our four -week sessions. Students will spend time focusing on filmmaking,  screenwriting, media platforms, acting and film production among many others. Besides having access to the most active film leaders in Houston, our students will have many unique opportunities.  This program is designed to inspire the next generation of filmmakers. The youth will work as a team brainstorming and applying hands-on experience with our instructors.  Students will gain on-camera and off-camera techniques as well as learn about future career and apprenticeship opportunities with Brilliant Women in Film. Our youth will explore the makings of digital video production but not limited to the introduction to acting, directing, and standard film industry basics. 

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